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Where to Buy Hemp Flower: The Importance of Trusted Brands

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It’s no secret that the legal hemp market has blossomed into a booming multi-million-dollar industry. However, overall this lucrative market is not regulated at the standard some other sectors  are – such as vitamins, dietary supplements, skincare, cosmetics, food, and drinks. 

Because of this, it is crucial for hemp brands and consumers alike to maintain full transparency in order to foster trust in the products being purchased. 

Here at Elli-Hou Farms, we’re proud to offer the best hemp flower in Oregon as well as important informational resources for hemp lovers of all types.  

In this blog, we’re breaking down the importance of trusted hemp brands when it comes to figuring out where to buy hemp flower. 


Hemp Regulations

The legalities and regulations revolving around hemp can certainly be confusing to keep up with. Consider the hundreds of brands available in today’s legal market that offer “the best hemp flower” or “purest hemp products” on the market; there is no federal regulatory guideline laid out to properly assess the quality and safety of CBD and hemp flower to consumers. 

According to the Consumer Brands Association (CBA) study, The Urgent Need For CBD Clarity, 92% of American consumers incorrectly assume or have no idea if CBD is federally regulated. 

Upon realizing this shortfall of federal safety for CBD products,  72% of Americans believe a federal agency, like the FDA, should have regulatory control over CBD to guarantee safety in consumption. 

A regulated and uniform framework can help to further protect public health and ensure consistent regulation and education throughout the country. 

More than one-third of Americans have already purchased some sort of hemp flower or product, according to the CBA study. As this number will inevitably grow, consumers must find trusted brands and sources for all their hemp flower needs. 


Conscious Hemp Consumption: How to Seek Out a Trusted Hemp Brand 

With the assortment of hemp flower accessible in today’s market, the options can seem overwhelmingly endless. But, not to worry, we’re here to help!

As more companies provide their offerings to the industrial hemp market, it’s beneficial for conscious consumers to be conscious of what to look for in a trusted brand. 

When exploring options for purchasing hemp flower or any other products, be sure to keep these standards in mind: 


How was it cultivated? 

First, when it comes to growing hemp flower, ‘all-natural’ is key! 

Furthermore, there’s simply nothing better than outdoor sungrown hemp flower. Cultivating along with nature in the outdoors is the oldest and most natural way of growing hemp, so be sure to choose trusted brands that adhere to this philosophy. 

Being mindful about where and how the hemp flower you’re purchasing has been cultivated can help you further assess its quality. 


Has the product been tested? 

Next, when it comes to the legal hemp industry, transparency is also key. Both cannabis and hemp products alike should be accurately assessed and tested before being sold to consumers.

However, due to the lack of federal regulation on CBD products, this is not entirely the case for every brand out there. 

Checking for the brand’s COA (certificate of analysis) ensures that the flower you’ve purchased has been accurately lab-tested to ensure the safety of consumption. 


Does the brand have credibility? 

Thirdly, with the wide variety of hemp flower and related products available on the current market, it’s also important to consider gauging the brand’s reputation and credibility: 

  • Is this company or product widely endorsed?
  • Are there available reviews and ample details about the hemp flower or product? 


Ultimately, finding a brand that offers reliable, natural, and consistent hemp flower or products is the most important step you can take to ensure quality. 


Elli Hou Farms: An Oregon Hemp Farm You Can Trust

At Elli-Hou Farms, you can count on our hemp flower to meet the purest and safest hemp practices for our consumers. 

Our 63-acre farm cultivates sun-grown hemp plants in one of the finest climates, in the Rogue Valley region of Oregon. Our farmers believe in regenerative agriculture and practices that give back to the land we share. 

We’re dedicated to only using organic amendments and practices to ensure top-shelf quality, aromatic hemp flower. More importantly, at Elli-Hou Farms, we believe in full transparency and clarity regarding the product we grow. 

With each harvest, our outdoor sungrown hemp flower is thoroughly tested and analyzed for cannabinoid content and consumer safety. 

Because of this, you’ll get a product reported back as a legal, lab-tested Oregon hemp flower with consistent effects and flavors you’ll love. 


Highlighting Our Amazing Strain Offerings!

Not sure which hemp flower is right for you? Check out the amazing reviews and testimonials on our award-winning hemp strains for a better understanding of what to expect from our products. 

From stellar selections such as the mouthwatering aromatic flavor profile of our Lemon Octane, to the relaxing effects of the classic, Wedding Cake, you really can’t go wrong!

Natural hemp flower will surely continue to boom in this growing market, but the awareness and importance of finding a trusted and reliable hemp brand is imperative for consumers. 

As we mentioned in this blog – when it comes to buying hemp flower, remember to consider the brand’s credibility, cultivation practices, and lab test certifications – all of which you can confidently trust and rely on at Elli-Hou Farms! 


To purchase our Award-Winning Delta-8 strains as well as other CBD and hemp flower products, visit our online shop.

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