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What are ‘Moonrocks’?

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There are many creative ways to consume legal buds these days. Delta-8 Moonrocks have quickly become a fan favorite here at Elli-Hou Farms because they provide a delicious and effective way to puff.

Moonrocks offer an enjoyable and surely elevating experience for all consumers, both connoisseurs and newcomers alike!

Continue reading to learn about what moonrocks are, and what you can expect from enjoying our top quality Delta-8 products. 


Defining ‘Moonrocks’

One of the best ways to accurately describe ‘moonrocks’ is as an awesome smokable hemp creation.

Here, three different components (and more specifically, as featured in our products, Delta-8-THC) are blended together to form the ultimate combo:  


What Makes Up Our Elli-Hou Farms D8 Caviar Moonrocks? 

Our Elli-Hou Farms Delta-8 Caviar Moonrocks are made with simple hemp based ingredients to create one highly effective concoction: 

  • Hemp Flower


The main component of our Delta-8 moonrocks is our top-quality, boutique hemp flower. Our Moonrocks are available in any and all of our delicious CBG or CBD hemp flower cultivars.

  • D8 Distillate


As the second key ingredient in our moon rocks, dense hemp flower nugs are then dipped in this potent Delta-8 distillate oil. 

  • CBG Kief


Lastly, the dense hemp nug dipped in D8 distillate is then rolled in a thick coating of CBG kief. CBG kief is a collection of the resinous trichomes that are found on our CBG hemp cultivars. 

Although it is a legal, non-psychoactive cannabinoid, this kief is the key component to blast you off into a galaxy far, far away. 


How to Blast Off with Delta-8 Moonrocks 

Of the many adventurous and experimental ways regarding hemp consumption these days, it is pretty safe to say moonrocks are certainly a creative way to smoke. 

Moonrocks are often recommended for advanced hemp consumers looking for a highly elevated experience. 

Additionally, it is always helpful to learn the best way to prepare and consume, since Delta-8 Moonrocks are a unique product that you may not be familiar with… yet. 


When you are ready for your next smoke sesh that features moonrocks, be sure to keep these tips in mind: 


  1. Skip your grinder. Use scissors to break the moonrocks up into smaller pieces without causing sticky residue in your grinder and its chambers. 
  2. Try smoking with a pipe or glassware. Although Moonrocks can be enjoyed in joints or blunts, it is usually easier to handle their sticky texture and thickness in a pipe or bowl. 
  3. Don’t pack your bowls too tightly. While it may seem helpful to do so, it can actually cause you to lose any coated kief in the process.  
  4. Properly store your Moonrocks in a cool, dry place! Avoiding any heat will help prevent them from melting and forming an even stickier consistency.
  5. Enjoy responsibly! Remember to start slow and increase as needed, for an optimally desirable sesh. 


Elevating Your Experience with Elli-Hou Farms Caviar Moonrocks

Our Delta-8-infused Caviar Moonrocks are crafted for the ultimate experience. They are made of dense nugs soaked in our broad spectrum distillate, infused with Delta-8 THC, and then covered in a thick coating of CBG kief. 

Coming in at 30% CBD, 11.2% CBG, and reaching 16.9% Delta-8, these are certainly ‘wonder nuggets.’ 

Because of this, it is strongly encouraged to enjoy your D8 Moonrocks in a comfortable environment where you can stay hydrated, happy, and relaxed — *Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.


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