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Cakeberry 2023

Introducing Cake Berry: a delightful 50:50 indica/sativa hybrid flower. Its enticing berry pie aroma will captivate your senses. With its vibrant green hue and subtle hints of purple, it’s as visually appealing as it is aromatic. Each bud contains 13% CBD and 1.3% CBG for a blissful experience. Producing a healthy amount of beta-myrcene, limonene, and trans-beta-ocimene terpenes, Cake Berry offers a truly unique and flavorful journey.



Cakeberry 2023
  • Hybrid
  • 2.7% Terpenes
  • Bright, light green nugs
  • Smells like Fresh Pastries or Berry Pie, with Gas
  • 17% Total Cannabiniods
  • Medium/large Dense Nugs
  • Hand trimmed
  • Grown by Elli-Hou farms


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Delta 8

(Flower testing between 8-10% Delta 8.)

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1/8 oz, 1 oz, 1/2 lb, 1 lb, 1/4 lb


Regular, Delta 8, HHC


CBD, Delta 8, HHC


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