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About Our Cultivars: Elli-Hou Farms' Bubba Kush CBD Flower

For hemp farms across the country (and certainly for our team here at Elli-Hou Farms) there is one selection that has become a staple over the years: Bubba Kush.

This legend has become one of the leading CBD flower strains available on today’s market – and for good reason!

In this blog, we’ll highlight some basics about this cultivar. We’ll also touch on the assortment of Bubba Kush CBD flower varietals that Elli-Hou Farms is proud to grow.

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The Origins of Bubba Kush

First, let’s talk about its mythical origins. According to WikiLeaf:

Bubba Kush is a heavy indica hybrid that enjoys very wide popularity. The strain’s original L.A. breeder claims that while one parent was an OG Kush plant, the other was an unnamed Northern Lights phenotype brought back from Mardi Gras in New Orleans; this unnamed mother strain affectionately came to be known as “Bubba”.

As years went by, more cannabis cultivators began to breed the high THC levels out of the flower to create a non-psychoactive, CBD-heavy version of this famous strain.

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Bubba Kush CBD Flower

The buds of Bubba Kush CBD flower are large, dense, and can be slightly sticky with crystallized trichomes. Dark orange pistil hairs are sprinkled around the bud with subdued shades of purple. 

Regarding terpenes, compared to other Kush varieties, this flavorful strain has an abundance of myrcene. Because of this, Bubba Kush flower is known for its rich floral notes of pine and citrus. 

Other dominant terpenes present here are: bisabolol, caryophyllene, and humulene. They all contribute to the subtly sweet, spicy, and dank aroma of this flower. 

Keep reading for a breakdown on some of our excellent Bubba Kush offerings:

Bubba Kush 59 2021 & Bubba Kush 59 Smalls

Bubba Kush 59 was bred by the amazing team at Zoë Therapeutics. They specialize in high-quality hemp seeds (and boutique cultivars) – also hailing from Oregon’s beautiful Rogue Valley.

Though involving a bit more inbreeding, this indica strain is essentially a version of the classic Bubba Kush CBD flower, with a similar rich flavor and aromatic profile. 

It’s peppery, earthy, ideal for evening use, and will invigorate your senses with each puff.

Our Bubba Kush 59 and Bubba Kush 59 hemp flower smalls are available for purchase online, so be sure to check them out today!

Bubba Kush Spectrum 2020

Our Bubba Kush Spectrum flower is an indica-dominant hybrid reaching CBD levels of 16.5%. 

It has been shown to leave consumers feeling relaxed, calm, clear & focused. Therefore, although well suited for a nighttime smoke, it is possible to enjoy it throughout the day as well. 

Our hand-trimmed, sun-grown Bubba Kush Spectrum 2020 hemp flower has a very smooth smoke with subtle hints of mint and spice.

G1 Bubba Kush (Spectrum x Remedy) 2020

An evenly balanced hybrid, G1 Bubba Kush is one of the many other fan favorites from our Bubba Kush offerings. 

This hemp flower is considered an “any-time-of-day” type of smoke.

These hand-trimmed, medium to large-sized dense buds are peppered with orange pistils and trichomes for a rich flavor experience.

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Elli-Hou Farms: Growing the Finest Bubba Kush CBD Flower in Oregon

At Elli-Hou Farms, we pride ourselves on growing the finest CBD hemp flower for our loyal customers around the country. 

We put detail, attention, and care into our environmentally-conscious practices and efforts throughout every step of our cultivation process. 

As a result, we offer the finest quality boutique hemp (grown with love!) on our beautiful farm and available for purchase online. Visit our shop to browse all the amazing selections! 

Our hemp products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 21. Please consult your local and state laws prior to purchasing. Hemp uses have not yet been evaluated by the FDA. Our hemp products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please see FAQ page for more information regarding our products.

Be sure to check back for more blogs about our organic Oregon-grown hemp and also follow our Instagram!