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Welcome to Elli-Hou Farms: A Note From Our Founder

Elli-Hou Cannabis and Hemp Farm in Oregon

Welcome to Elli-Hou Farms: A Note From Our Founder

Elli-Hou Farms provides top-shelf hemp flower grown in the beautiful Rogue Valley, Oregon. With various hemp and CBD flower strains available to buy online, our team is dedicated to growing the finest quality boutique hemp flower while preserving the beneficial essence this amazing plant has to offer. 

Read on to learn about the origin of the farm, followed by a special note from our founder.

Elli-Hou Cannabis and Hemp Farm in Oregon

About Elli-Hou Farms

Starting out as childhood best friends, Paul Elliot and Benjamin Houston took their background in traditional farming to team up and take the hemp industry by storm. Elli-Hou Farms is located just north of Ashland, Oregon, on 63 acres of farmland with a beautiful climate fit for growing the finest hemp flower. 

As a team of avid farmers, Elli-Hou Farms has always prided itself on the love for the land, while honoring sustainable and eco-friendly practices throughout all steps of the cultivation process. From tending to seedlings, harvesting hearty yields, and skillfully trimming the cured flower, our passionate group of farmers are all dedicated to growing the best boutique hemp flower on the market. 

Our hemp flower and products are completely legal and tested with less than 0.3% THC, complying with the 2018 Hemp Farming Act. We offer a variety of Oregon-grown hemp products, including Delta 8 moonrocks and CBD hemp flower in an assortment of flavors and strains. 

What’s more—our famous Super Sour Lifter strain recently placed 2nd for “Best Hemp” in the 2021 Oregon Cannabis Cup!

A Note from Ben Houston, Our Founder:

We often get asked: What exactly makes Elli-Hou hemp flower so unique?

Just like fine wines—so much of the environment and our style of growing go into the end product—and that makes it different from any other farm’s hemp flower. We have always had a motto at Elli-Hou Farms: “The best fertilizer for the plant is the farmer’s shadow.” 

Therefore we spend every day of the growing season out there with the plants, making sure every plant is healthy and there are no males (so our product won’t have seeds). 

As we mentioned above, if you ask our team, they’ll tell you that Southern Oregon has one of the best climates for hemp production in the world—and so we’re blessed to have a farm that gets full sunshine all day! 

Our Soil

Our thick loamy clay soil is ideal for hemp flower production; we believe that is why we are known for our large dense buds. We work tirelessly with the land to keep our soil as healthy as possible. There are lots of biological fungi and worms in our soil. 

We have always only used organic fertilizer amendments to make sure there are no weird chemicals in the end-product. We give a proper flush towards the end of the flower cycle which gives our hemp flower that smooth smoke. 


Cannabinoids in Hemp Flower 

The 2021 season weather conditions really brought out the quality of our hemp flower. We were lucky enough to score some of the best exotic genetics to plant and produce high levels of CBD, CBG, and the rare CBDv. While the smoke in Rogue Rogue was challenging to deal with on a personal level, there is a silver lining in that cloud:

The stress from the smoke on the plants and the high winds actually raised the terpene levels on the plants! When hemp plants are stressed from wind and smoke they will produce more terpenes and more cannabinoids. We were humbled and blown away by the high terpene levels of our latest crops. 


Farming with Paul Elliot

This year, we began pulling water out of our 1 & ½ acre irrigation pond for the field. This provided our plants with high levels of nutrients from the geese, crane, raccoon, duck, frog, and fish excrement in the pond. We are also extremely blessed to have Paul Elliott be the Master Grower behind the farming aspect; he has dedicated his life to truly pioneering, mastering, and growing the highest quality hemp flower the world has ever seen on an industrial scale.


The Dedicated Crew at Elli-Hou

We are also truly blessed to say We work with the best fieldwork and trimming crew in the entire state of Oregon. They are completely dedicated to their work—and they’re the reason the presentation of our amazing flower always comes out so great—with that ‘signature’ perfect tight trim job. There is so much love and passion going into the growing and trimming of Elli-Hou Farms boutique hemp, and it really shows!

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