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Fruity Tooties 2022

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Fruity Tooties are a sativa-dominant hybrid perfect for smoking at all hours! This delicious, unique strain is coming in at an unbelievable 4% terpenes! If you’re a fan of beta-Myrcene, Limonene, and trans-beta-Ocimene this one is for you! The nose is so loud and smells sweet with a hint of gas. The buds are medium sized, covered in sugary trichomes and have gorgeous hues of purples and greens. This is a unique strain and while growing in the field all the stalks are a beautiful purple. This is a relatively rare genetic and it is our second season working with it and this year’s batch is straight fire!



Fruity Tooties 2022
  • sativa dominant hybrid
  • berry crossed with abacus diesel
  • berry nose with sweet diesel
  • 19% cannabinoids with 3.9% Terp
  • Hand Trimmed
  • sticky, green and purple nugs
  • Large Dense buds


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(Flower testing between 8-10% THC0)

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1 review for Fruity Tooties 2022

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