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Hawaiian Haze Smalls 2020

(9 customer reviews)

Get them while they last $40 per lb!!!!



Hawaiian Haze Smalls 2020

  • Sativa
  • Upbeat, Alert, Motivated
  • All day strain
  • CBDa 18.2%
  • Smooth Citrus taste


Our hemp products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 21. Please consult your local and state laws prior to purchasing. Hemp uses have not yet been evaluated by the FDA. Our hemp products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please see FAQ page for more information regarding our products.

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Delta 8

(Flower testing between 8-10% Delta 8.)

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1/8 oz, 1 oz, 1/2 lb, 1 lb


Reg, Delta 8, HHC


CBD, Delta 8, HHC

9 reviews for Hawaiian Haze Smalls 2020

  1. Emanuel_rodriguez26 (verified owner)

    Bought half pound last month and absolutely worth it. A amazing deal youd think you wouldnt feel the effects but smoke a joint by yourself n youll def feel it! No bud around this price beats hawian haze from elli! GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

  2. AL (verified owner)


  3. John Henry Plata (verified owner)

    Still has a very nice fresh terpy smell and taste . Tried some big buds awhile back of Hawaiian haze from plain jane and didn’t like it . These smalls changed my mine about the strain. Top notch outdoor smalls and flower at an unbeatable price

  4. akayce (verified owner)

    Dank. Best word I can use. I really love the cerebral lift I get from this one, too. Great terps, really smooth.

  5. Goose (verified owner)

    Potent and pretty flower and amazing price! Elli-Hou covering all the bases!

  6. Landon (verified owner)

    This product is really nice and fresh still for being a 2020 batch. I bought a HP of the Smalls and when it arrived and I opened the sealed bag it gave off a very piney, almost funk smell to it as well. The feeling of the bud is not to dry, it’s obviously caked in distillate which I think sadly ruins the look for pictures of course. Also when burned through joint or blunt the distillate off the bud with melt off and will cake on your lip which is nasty so there’s honestly only two negatives about this bud. It’s the Smalls so I’m not basing my review off that as well. The bud smoke really good through my bong, taste better through the joint and it gives it more of a fruit aroma. Gets me stoned pretty good, going to pick up some more here this Friday, also still trying to get one of those red beanie hats I saw

  7. Alex (verified owner)

    On my 2nd pound of these HH smalls. Smells like lemons and pineapple, and edibles made with this bud definitely get me high but still functional enough for daytime use. The aging of this strain seems to improve the effects.

  8. Tristen (verified owner)

    This is amazing! Even from 2020 buds are nice and fresh and great quality! Great trim! Effects are top notch very potent CBD flower. Effects are totally relaxed! First time trying this company and placing new order as I speak. Thanks y’all!

  9. Skyyler


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