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Chem Fruit Funk Smalls 2022

(5 customer reviews)

Chem Fruit funk is a sativa hybrid. The genetics were developed right here in southern Orgon and we are one of the few farms that carries the genetic. The buds are smalls-mid with green and purple hues. The nose is sweet, fruity and chemy. The terpene profiles contains beta-Myrcene, beta-Pinene, A-terpineol and even 3-carene. Chem fruit funk is a great strain to smoke in social situations and is an all time crowd pleaser.



Chem Fruit Funk Smalls

  • Hybrid
  • Intense, fruity, gassy aroma
  • Dense, beautiful, light green and light purple nugs
  • 18% CBD
  • 2.3% Terpenes
  • Grown By Elli-Hou Farms


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Delta 8

(Flower testing between 8-10% Delta 8.)

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1/8 oz, 1 oz, 1/2 lb, 1 lb, 1/4 lb


Reg, Delta 8, HHC


CBD, Delta 8, HHC

5 reviews for Chem Fruit Funk Smalls 2022

  1. Sherron Gates (verified owner)

    We’ve been rocking with Elli-Hou for about a year now.. ALWAYS exceptional customer service, & products. We just got 1\4 Lb Chem fruit funk D8 flower.. Omg its the best we’ve had thus far!! Super sticky (you definitely need a grinder), funky fruity smell. Smokes soooo smooth! They even threw in some FREE moon rocks!! We will definitely recommend & will be returning per usual!

  2. Angelo Arcure (verified owner)

    I just received this yesterday. Wow! I have had a lot of cbd flower, but nothing like this. The quality of the flower is truly amazing. A lot of love and care went into it. It smells and tastes amazing and has very great effects. Very satisfied. Also for smalls about

  3. Alex Razook (verified owner)

    Very smelly, good quality buds. Amazing for edibles; potent relaxing effects.

  4. shamus

    Quality flower for a great price. This is a tasty strain that I’ll def try again

  5. Ray (verified owner)

    I ordered 1 ounce of the chem fruit funk smalls expecting what typically comes in a bag labelled smalls from any dispensary, and instead I got some big nugs trimmed very neatly. I can only imagine what the regular bud would look like. Tastes and smokes great. The feeling is smooth with no burn and it gives a noticeable and distinct sense of relaxation. Same experience with the cakeberry smalls.

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